Ten Tips to Learn how to Paint Laminate Furniture

painting laminate furniture

Do you have any ugly piece of laminate furniture around your home that just doesn’t match? Learning to paint laminate furniture can freshen up any piece of laminate furniture with a simple color change! Most people think painting over laminate is impossible, but it’s really quite simple. Here are ten tips to make painting laminate furniture a breeze:

1. Make sure you sand your furniture before you prime it. Sand just until the laminate loses its shine. Sanding you laminate will keep the primer form sliding off.

2. If you don’t have a palm sander grab a chunk of wood and your staple gun. Wrap sandpaper around the wood and staple it in place. This will make it easier to grip and will help keep your hand from cramping up.

3. It helps to take your furniture apart before you paint it. This allows you to get into every nook and cranny. It’s also a lot easier to move your furniture when it’s in pieces and it’s a lot easier to handle while you’re painting it.

4. Choosing a latex paint with a slight sheen is best. Latex paints are easier to clean and go on well. You can even choose antimicrobial paints, which are great for kid’s bedrooms.

5. Read the instructions on your primer before you paint. Some primers need to cure for upwards of a week. Your primer may feel dry to the touch after a day, or even a few hours, but it hasn’t completely hardened. Allowing your primer to cure for the specified amount of time helps prevent damage to your furniture.

6. If you scratch the paint when you’re reassembling your furniture you can just give it a quick touch up, but make sure you go through the same steps. You want every part of your furniture to look nice, even the parts you have to retouch.

7. Make sure you do more than one coat when you paint, using slow, even brush strokes. Don’t load your roller or brush down with paint. That causes drips and runs. You want to take your time and do it right the first time rather than trying to rush through the paint job.

8. If you do end up with drips or runs, use a razor blade to shave them off. Sand the area and repaint it. You don’t need to scrap the whole piece or repaint everything. Just do the area you messed up.

9. Make sure you let each coat of paint dry over night before you move on to the next coat. Always apply at least two coats of paint. Don’t apply more than three coats of paint because it will look thick and sloppy. If you’ve applied a good primer, you won’t need any more than two coats of paint.

10. Apply a coat of polyurethane once your paint is completely dry. Some brands can be applied with a sponge and are extremely easy to work with. Check with your local home improvement store. Applying polyurethane prevents damage to the furniture and is a necessity if you have children!

Thank you for reading this article on how to paint laminate furniture! If you have any further questions about this topic please contact us.