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Watercolors paintings

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Nelumbo is a species of aquatic plant with large, spectacular flowers. The members are commonly called lotus, but the word “lotus” is also used in other plants and groups of plants, including a species not related to the lotus species. Outside members are similar to those in the family Nymphaeaceae (“water lilies”), but Nelumbo is actually far from the Nymphaeaceae.

There are only two known species of lotus; N. nucifera originates in East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia and is better known. It is often planted; is consumed and used in traditional Chinese medicine. This type is a symbol of Indian and Vietnamese flowers.

Another lotus is Nelumbo lutea and is native to North America and the Caribbean. Agricultural hybrids are produced between these two allopatric species.

There are many species of fossils known from the Cretaceous, Paleogene and Neogene fossils that have ancient lines throughout Eurasia and North America.

There is a remaining disagreement as to what kind of family should be placed in it. Cultural segregation systems have seen Nelumbo as part of the Nymphaeaceae, but traditionalists may have been misled by the evolutionary evolution that accompanies the transformation of land from aquatic life. In the old classification systems were observed under biology Nymphaeales or Nelumbonales. Nelumbo is currently known as the only endangered species in the Nelumbonaceae, one of the distinct families in the Proteales’ eudicot order. Its closest relatives, the (Proteaceae and Platanaceae), shrubs or trees.

Nelumbo’s leaves can be distinguished from those of the genus Nymphaeaceae as they have nodules, which means they have completely round leaves. Nymphaea, on the other hand, has a single notch feature from the edges to the center of the lily pad. The Nelumbo seedpod is very different.