The Flower Carrier


Diego Rivera created this masterpiece in 1935.

The flower carrier represents simplicity yet conveys so much symbolism and meaning.

The vibrant colors are usually rubbed into the wooden boards.

It’s a common technique to paint the hard surfaces.


The Flower Carrier


Painting type:
Oil painting

20cm x 25cm

Unframed painting!



In 1935, Diego Rivera artistically created The Flower Carrier (known in its original language as Cargador de Flores). Like many Rivera drawings, Flower Carrier incorporates simple elements, but has many symbols and meanings. The paint is applied to the sonite, the most common method of painting on solid surfaces. Bright colors evoke one of George Rivera’s favorite artists Vincent van Gogh.

The colorful painting depicts a poor man dressed in white with a yellow sombrero, fighting on both feet with a heavy basket of flowers tied around his back with a yellow sling. A woman, possibly a farmer’s wife, is standing behind him trying to help with the basket support as she tries to get up and stand on her feet. While the flowers in the basket are incredibly beautiful to the viewer, the man does not see their beauty, but he sees their value as they move to the market for sale or exchange. Geometric shapes provide a bold and large comparison, with each figure, object and leaves shown to show independence. Some believe that the big basket tied to the man’s back represents the crippling of the untrained laborer in today’s capitalist world.

Be aware of the bright, vibrant colors she uses. By using shadows you make the title stand out from the back of the drawing almost as if the numbers were explained. How do you duplicate colors? Compare the size of a man with the size of a woman. The man is carrying a heavy load, but he seems to be smaller than the woman who is carrying the load on her back.

The Flower Carrier is a piece of oil and tempera made from Masonite by George Rivera in 1935. We are part of the Albert M. Bender collection and are exhibited at SF MOMA. This painting is a symbolic representation of the labor struggle of the modern world, which is capitalist.

The farmer in the picture has a large basket filled with beautiful pink and purple flowers inside it. The basket is much larger than the farmer, and it looks very heavy. There is a woman carrying a basket on her back, which is actually much bigger than a farmer. She is dressed in a purple top with a long striped orange skirt that completely covers her legs. Behind them are leaves on the trees and the ground beneath them is brown. The colors of these two people and the flowers stand out completely in the background.