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Painting type:
Acrylic painting

120cm x 190cm

Unframed painting!



The name Isabelle is a girl’s name from France that means “promised God”.
Is Isabelle the boy’s name? Yes, the name Isabelle has a male partner. Medieval Queens Isabella of Angoulême and Isabella of France helped raise the profile in the United Kingdom. Isobel is a Scottish version, Isabella from Italy, and Izabel are used in Brazil.

Isabelle and all her beautiful sisters quickly rose to the head over the last decade to rule the name of her mother, Elizabeth. Isabelle’s name is all the more fun, no matter how many other Isabelles you meet.

Jeff Bridges has an older daughter named Isabelle, and Kerry Washington recently used it for his daughter.

This vocabulary is a Spanish variant of the Hebrew word Elisheba in Latin and in Greek representing English and other western languages ​​such as Elisabeth. These words are derived from the Latin and Greek translations of the Hebrew word based on both etymological evidence and context (Isabel’s use of the translation of John the Baptist’s mother’s name). A different form began with the loss of the first letter and the substitution of the last / t / with / l / (as / t / does not appear in the last word in common Spanish). -El Isabeth, from it, the short form * Isabeth in which the final -el was replaced by eeth, both for aesthetic reasons or feminization, or a syllable all -bel was replaced by -th, in comparison with -bella “beautiful, beautiful”.

Another possibility is that the name comes from the Hebrew אִיזֶבֶל ʾĪzeḇel (see Jezebel).

Both types of words exist simultaneously in different languages. Both of these words are borrowed from many other languages, making various local forms.

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