My First Love



My First Love

Painting type:
Acrylic painting

20cm x 25cm

Unframed painting!



Here is shared “My First Love” story. I remember it like yesterday. We met at the age of 14. I had a current relationship, he wasn’t. We met in early April at a campfire, as do many young people. He came and sat next to me and we talked for a while and then he took my phone and put it on snapchat. Our friends inside started the movie so everyone went inside to watch it a bit before the parents came to pick them up.

Soon in June: We started talking a lot as I was no longer in a relationship (that’s a different story sometimes). Her father brought her to my house to have a movie day. During the movies he asked where the bathroom was and I showed him the stairs and in my steps we started kissing. After watching the second movie my parents fell asleep so we slipped out and left. I lived in a small area so it was quiet. We were very refreshed on that trip. We started to feel the rain, so we hurried home so that my parents could drive me home. We started dating that night. 6.22.2013

My final year: We started dating my new people in the summer. We both went to the same grade, but we went to different schools. He visits me on weekends and a few days during the school week if he doesn’t have to work. Everything was going well and we were living our lives until her parents divorced. Her relationship with him was shattered, and for the next two years, she was spiritually troubled. Sometime after my 16th birthday we had sex for the first time. She was a virgin which I was not. It was her gift to me on my birthday.

Junior Year: I have decided to switch to his high school this year. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have turned out if I had not changed high schools. We broke up this year at Christmas time. He said he just doesn’t feel what he’s using anymore. It completely broke me. I cried for about two days straight. He was my whole world. He came to my house and asked me to come out, so I went outside and said, “We need to talk.” I cried and said, “You don’t do this. We do not do this. ”Then she listed a number of reasons why she was not happy. I toss her necklace she gave me and she walks away. I break into my house and tear it down. My dad walks up the stairs and knows exactly what is going on and tells me that “everything will be all right” and he just cries.

Exactly three days later his ruling donkey returns and we return together.

Old Year: This is my most emotional year. With graduation, college is coming, my relationship is coming to an end. All the great things to come. Let’s start in October. I was with a friend going to old messages and I got these messages between me and this girl my boyfriend uses to talk to her. When we split my little year he was trying to convince me that they were cooperating and blah blah blah. For me to re-read this. I text my boyfriend and ask, “Hey, have you ever had a hangout with him?” He writes to me and says “We need to talk after work” and “Come over here.” My little ass is crying and it keeps repeating itself to me she cheated on me, she cheated on me. My friend tries to reassure me that everything will be fine.

I drive to his house. We take my car. She tells me the story of her kiss the day before we broke up. I start screaming. He assures me that they were in a good place now and a long time ago. And I believe him.

Prom: He doesn’t even tell me I look good. He tells me that if we broke up he wouldn’t care.

Two weeks later: We lost our streak on snapchat. We are no longer texting at all. We all decide to take a break. That until I found out he was talking to a girl two weeks behind me. While they are on vacation he goes with her. I lost my temper and shouted at the boys’ house while his parents slept and climbed out of the window to enter. We do something but nothing else, even though he wants to.

We parted the next day. oh My First Love… 🙁

In the next few weeks I am living a much better life. I’m already talking to a guy who’s going to spend the summer, happy, not tied up, going to parties.

When he looked at me in class and looked like he was going to cry all the time.

Summer 2016: I date a boy all summer and we split up when he goes to college. It is what it is. (I care about him too.) I’m texting my ex as we haven’t spoken in three months and I apologize for the way I behaved at the end of high school as I was a bully. He says it’s okay. I say I remember talking to him and that we should have a hangout sometime.

We hang out that night.

Hold on, it looks like you’ve changed. She tells me her crazy summer stories, I tell her mine. It’s refreshing and it’s almost as if everything is brand new. We get back together. We are connecting. He takes me home.

The next day you go to a party and you cheat on me.

The moral of the matter is, your sweet heart of high school can be a perfect douche bag and even after three years you don’t know anyone at all.

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