Nail Painting: Perfectly Painted Nails

nail painting

To start nail painting, invest in a good nail polish, such as Revlon Colorstay (it runs between $3.00-4.00 a set) and a multi-step nail buffer, such as the 4-step one sold by Sephora (it runs about $5.00)

Start by cleaning any old nail polish off your nails with some nail polish remover and a cotton ball.

Next, trim your nails to the length you desire (shorter nails work because they can accommodate even some of the wildest colors with out looking gaudy or tacky)

Use the filing side on you buffer to smooth out any rough edges on your nails, then find the side that smoothes out your nail bed and rub it across the top of your nail until it is smooth to the touch. (This gives the nail polish an even surface to adhere too)

Now, gently shake your polish a few times to make sure the color is even mixed. Open the bottle and wipe off any excess from your brush on the side of the bottle.

Starting from your cuticle, use long, even strokes to reach the end of your nail. Apply more color to the brush as needed. (Remember it’s easier to add more polish to your nail than to take away. Keep this in mind to prevent getting polish all over your finger. If you do get some on your finger, dip the end of a Q-tip in some nail polish remover and gently rub off the smudge)

Once you have finished applying your color, let it air dry for approximately 5-10 minutes. (I know it’s tempting, but do not blow on your nails to dry them. This actually prolongs the drying time because the water vapor in your breath transfers to the polish, keeping it wet. If you are in a hurry, set your hair dryer on the lowest setting and gently sweep it back and forth over your nails. Be careful not to burn yourself, your hair dryer can get hot on your hands)

Repeat the previous few steps until you have the desired depth and intensity of the color.

Once your nails have dried, apply a top coat and let it set.

There you go! All finished. Your nails should look like you just stepped out of the salon (For a fraction of the price of course….but no one needs to know that. It’s our little secret!)

All of the products I mentioned can be found at most local stores or on

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