Preschool Painting: Ideas for Parents and Educators

preschool painting ideas

Art is play for young children. Providing art experiences to children allows them not only express themselves but to develop fine and gross motor skills as well. These preschool painting ideas can help you give them fantastic learning and fun experiences!


Offering a wide variety of preschool painting ideas for your kids will help them be super happy little beings! Paper is the first thing you will need in big supply as it is important for experimentation. Posterboard, tracing paper, butcher paper and cardboard are all nice to have on hand. Try cutting the paper into a variety of shapes, circles and long triangles often produces interesting results. Children may enjoy kneeling over a piece of paper on the floor, standing up at an easel or sitting at a desk, or if you are brave, tape a large piece of paper along a wall or fence.


To allow for success, offer colors that mix well together. Primary colors (red, yellow and blue) all mixed together create shades of brown. Try offering just two colors at a time and encourage conversation about what happens when the colors are mixed. Paper plates make great pallets. Washable tempera paint is versatile and readily available at discount stores.


One way to encourage children to create art is to offer ways for children to get paint to paper that allows freedom from depicting images from life and concentrates more on play and experimentation. Some of these creative brushes include: feather dusters, tooth brushes and Qtips. Dipping toy cars in paint and allowing them to drive along a long paper is great fun. Play some music and have children drum onto paper with paint covered hands. Mix paint with a small amount of water in a spray bottle, hang a piece of paper along a wall and let children spray the paper.

Hang art work in a prominent spot to bolster a child’s self confidence. Most of all, approach art making with a sense of wonder and fun.

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