Chinese Antique Paintings

Chinese Antique Paintings

Decorating for your home. The images in Chinese antique paintings are traditionally both delicate, and bold. The landscapes are often quite hypnotic. These pieces can be a wonderful addition to a home, or a room in a home, that needs a harmonizing, peaceful element to bring it into balance.

Harmonizing with Chinese Antique Paintings

For instance, if your dining room is fairly formal, with heavy wooden furniture and heavy drapery, the lightness and delicacy of Chinese antique paintings can breathe new life into an otherwise stuffy environment. In contrast, if your daughter’s room is a modern mess, with laundry on the floor and celebrity posters covering the walls, something like a Chinese nature painting can add a touch of much-needed elegance. Your daughter will love it for its beauty and “grown up” appeal.

Chinese paintings also make wonderful gifts, because they appeal to most people, yet are totally unexpected. Most people really like Chinese paintings, but few people have them. A painting of lotus flowers on silk would be a splendid gift for your mother or grandmother. A painting of a prowling tiger on rice paper makes a fantastic gift for a boy’s birthday.

The best place to get these paintings, as well as angel art and golf art, is online. When you search for pictures online, you literally have thousands upon thousands of paintings at your disposal. When you shop in a traditional store, you’re lucky to find even 100 prints.

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