Whimsical Accessories: Art and Paintings by Children

children's artwork and paintings

Children’s artwork and paintings often times can make even the most jaded of adults feel a sense of whimsy. Throughout my career I have crossed paths with many artists who have demonstrated this fact again and again.

A colleague and fellow artist disclosed how a simple project to decorate the children’s waiting area at a local hospital helped to reinstate his sense of fun and wonder. As he searched for inspiration for the project he happened upon two children’s artwork and paintings depicting scenes from one of his favorite childhood books. The paintings seemed to ignite wonderful childhood memories thus inspiring his long lost sense of fun.
A friend who worked at a rehab center as an administrator once confided that the simple addition of children’s paintings to the physical therapy lounge seemed to lift the spirits of their patients – Adults and children alike.

Another sample of the joy that can be had with the simple addition of children’s artwork and paintings is found in the story told by a decorator friend of mine. She tells how a childless couple asked for her help in selecting a few wall hangings. Their style seemed to be minimalist at best, however as they perused her portfolio they were particularly taken with a few Lollipop Art prints. Bottom line is they decided to add a few Lollipop Art prints to the main hallway of their house and not only did it add warmth to the entire house it seemed to add a warmth and sense of joy to the couple as well.

Whimsical accessories can also spark change in one’s life as told by another decorator friend. She tells how a family was inspired to incorporate family days into their normal routine as a result of having some fun filled children’s paintings placed in their daughters room. The paintings depicted such joyful family togetherness that they have now incorporated family days into their own lives.

Whimsical children’s paintings can also inspire artistic expression. A fellow artist describes how a dance studio owner raved that the mural the artist was asked to paint on the walls at the dance studio so inspired the young students that enrollment almost doubled. The children so admired the ballerinas in the mural that they wanted to be just like them.

A sense of fun and whimsy can be inspired by simply adding the most appropriate children’s painting to your life. As we can see, both young and old can be inspired by whimsical children’s paintings.

The right piece can be a great conversation starter or make people laugh when they see it.

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