“A Drawing of My Cat”? Do Not Compromise on Quality!

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We have no doubt about it. When we have pets at home, we treat them like royalty. Often, we are touched by their small faces, can’t help because they have done some silly things. So, even if some don’t understand this unconditional love between pets and his master, others consider Anima as equivalent to humans. So, for the love of their dog (and their cat) who is not afraid to show it, it is possible to have a “kingdom” portrait that is painted by their affection!

Because we love our pets ( cats, dogs, rabbits, or other friends like our children, we also like to take their photos very often. Who doesn’t have a gallery that is full of photos of their friends or selfies in the company Are they their smartphones?

However, there is even better than these images on the screen to reflect on your animal anytime and connect it: Personalized portraits.

Portrait of pets as “drawing of my cat” or “my cat’s painting” is very popular among painters. There is nothing softer and the symbol of yourself respects your pet with a decent tribute to make artwork. To achieve a portrait of beautiful acrylic pet, it is necessary to use a mixture of delay paint and gel around 50/50. It provides fluid gel that is far more fluid and provides consistency such as flaxseed oil when painting with oil and allows us to work wet for more subtle mixing. Acrylic is a beautiful media but they dry very quickly. I hope to show that by using this method you can still mix and use acrylic in a way similar to portraits of oil without releasing fast dry times.

Cute “drawing of my cat”.

Choose a photo of a beautiful cute puppy; I really like 3/4 poses and a soft and soft expression of our dog’s friends. Good installation is very important for great portraits; I have found the best to get friends to help take pictures of your pet.

Make your unique pet portrait

“As a parent of pets, we tend to humanize our pets and see it as our good friend. Therefore the idea of ​​creating masterpieces for our pets, in human portraits”. We offer unique portraits and can be adjusted from your pet made by graphic artists. And any pet has the right to his paintings: cats, dogs, rabbits, ducks, parakeets and even reptiles can be transformed into a princess or film hero. Just to make your wish for “a drawing of my cat” to the edge!

This service was launched by several pet fans. They want to create something genuine for pet owners, while emphasizing the artistic aspects and environmental dimensions. The idea is to change your dog or cat photo into a vintage portrait. This anthropomorphic representation makes your pet appear in costumes, in the style and decoration inspired by the Renaissance.

Perpetuating your pet with pictures

Life will be very sad without our small animals. Always save in your life with a unique and touch portrait image!

Pets are sometimes difficult and photographed. Make them to take the right break and catch their attention at the same time not easy! And even less uniting all your pets in the same photo. The image will simplify your task! This will allow you to combine multiple photos if necessary, but also to change the view of the pet so that it looks at you.

An original gift to illuminate special events

Party and birthday –
Her grandmother never travel without her little dog? Dale drawn by her birthday! Does your sister love her cat? The message is portrait for Christmas or her birthday!

Animal Death –
Sometimes, the reason why someone contacted us with the question “can you make a drawing of my cat” actually for sad reasons? Our little pets are very important in our lives, but unfortunately they are not eternal … their portraits in the image allow us to capture them and keep them forever in our hearts! Comfort for you or good care for loved ones.

The painter offers paintings that honor his faithful four-legged fellow, dog or cat. The paintings are made to measure, in acrylic on canvas or in color paper. Our art art is contemporary, colorful, happy.

To get a portrait that is faithful to your pet, the painting studio needs several images of the dog or cat, or even a meeting in our study, as much as possible. We will discuss with you your faithful companion: your personality, your story, your link and your lifetime. For the study painting, the most important thing is to understand the animal’s eyes, because it is in the look we feel all the emotion and complicity of his faithful companion. “Many things happen in their eyes, they also have a very expressive element that I like to appreciate: their ears. High ears, one of the two hanging a little and is the jackpot in terms of expressiveness.

Easy tips from photographing your pet

Find out how to take superb pictures of your pets for Christmas with these easy tips, tricks and shooting techniques.

Pets can be ridiculously cute and many of us catch the camera to capture their jokes, fun expressions and strange habits. But Christmas is a good time to try a portrait of your favorite pet. A photo of your cat, your dog or a hamster posing in a party outfit can be fun to customize a card or give a personalized gift.

All the difficulty lies in the fact that most animals do not care about being photographed. In fact, some animals will come out of their way to frustrate and play with you. You will need more than one deceiver your handle to get their attention. The skills of the photographer, tips to get them hitting a pose and a handful of treats should give you an advantage in this balance of power.

Style The Scene –
A Christmas tree is a beautiful decoration to make portraits of your pet at Christmas. It offers bright colors and very bright areas. Accessories such as Santa hats and scarves can also be incredible, if your pet is ready to use them. Ideally, choose a room with large windows for shooting. The natural light is ideal for portraits of pets because it is soft and illuminates shadow areas, while a flash can scare them. Place your pet in front of the window, the Christmas tree and turn it behind the fairy.

Have your posture –
As a general rule, dogs feel more comfortable by calling a posture that cats, because you can draw your attention more easily with a quick whistle, a question like “where is the cat?” Or a funny noise. All pets have their own personalities, but it should be recognized that cats are usually less inclined to please. Patience is essential in history and you will probably have to wait a moment for the cat relax. Try to get your comfortable in a position, like in a chair or stool (or even on your cushion). Having your favorite toy or a ready food bowl and tap the top of the lens slightly to attract your attention.

Adjust your exposure –
Choose an exhibition that you can configure once and for all. This will allow you to focus on poser and framing. The easiest way to do this is to configure the camera in manual exposure mode (M). The shutter speed must be fast enough to capture action, ideally about 1/200 seconds. If the pet is relatively calm, but it must accelerate speed if a lot of moves. We also recommend using large openings (f / 5.6, in this case), because this will separate the subject from below and make a charming bokeh effect.

Attention –
This approach can be one of the biggest challenges in terms of pet portrait, because it must focus on precision in the eyes of animals, which can move your head anytime or review. Therefore, some photos will definitely run away, but if you have a camera that responds one, he is worried, you can increase your chances of being more acute. Of course, it would be very pleasant trying to catch perfect shots, even though your pet would not always be willing to work together. Whether you take pet portraits at Christmas or later, this is your chance to practice your technique and strengthen your photography skills.

Wrap –
We all know that it is truly a thought that is calculated when giving a gift. The gift given with love and with attention behind it is the best gift you can give. Personalized gifts show that you care more than anything taken at the last minute. Through the personalized portraits we offer, this is a unique work that will last a lifetime that will make the ideal gift for my father and mother who have their hairy animals. Like the biggest symbol figures of the Renaissance, turning your favorite animals with this particular-made costume, to become one of the leaders of this era symbol. Catch the real emotions of your pet with this beautiful Renaissance portrait! Designed by our artists with the greatest love and care, pay tribute to your animal by placing it in the spotlight through this
Genuine 100% of personalized artwork. Find below our pet portrait choices that are most appreciated by our community.

A cool drawing of my cat
A cool drawing of my cat.

We hope you enjoy reading the article and answering the question of “where to get a drawing of my cat”? And if you still don’t understand – you are welcome to order requests for requests “where to get a drawing of my cat” through our website. We are sure you will be satisfied like all our customers!