Professional Painting Contractors in New Castle, Delaware

professional painting contractors
Workman in uniform painting wall with yellow paint at the construction site indoors

I have had my houses painted twice since I have been a homeowner by professional painting contractors . One was my primary residence and then I also had a rental home painted. When I was looking for a contractor to do it I checked out several. Here are a couple of the better ones that I have found and two that I have used. All use pretty good business models and have decent prices.

The first company of professional painting contractors I will profile is Paint Doctor. This company actually did the painting in my primary residence. The company has been in business for fifteen years and their owner Rich actually goes to each job at some point to supervise. This was one reason that I chose them for the job. They offer free estimates including phone estimates if you have measurements. They serve New Castle and Kent counties in Delaware, Cecil County in Maryland, In addition to painting; they also do carpeting, siding as well as doors and. windows. You can reach them at (302) 454-6400. And are open Monday through Friday until 6pm in the office, but work six days a week.

My house is part siding on the top level and stone on the bottom level. I had them paint the inside of the house and the siding part of the outside. They arrived on time and were very professional. The quality of the work was great and they offer a three year guarantee on their work, which I did not find many places doing. I was overall very happy with the job and would use them again.

Two Guys Construction is the next company that I would like to profile. I had them paint the inside of my rental property, which is a two unit ranch style house. They have been in business for eleven years, but their owner has extensive experience in painting and other construction projects. Their services include drywall, painting, roofing, siding, flooring, cabinet installation, and additions. They serve all of the state of Delaware and Southern New Jersey. I do not recall the exact amount I paid for the job, but I do recall that their prices were quite fair. The contractors conducted themselves very professionally and arrived on time and kept the house very neat. They can be reached at 302 674-1615. I was most impressed by the professionalism and quality of work they did for being a rather small company. I would recommend and use them again if needed. They will probably be doing a flooring project for me soon.

Pro Touch Painting has been used by a very good friend of mine for several rental properties that he has. They have been in business for twenty five years and do a pretty good business. They primarily do painting and drywall but also offer some other services like deck finishing. They offer a very good guarantee as far as the satisfaction of the customer goes and do not take payment until you are happy. I do believe they still would want to be paid, but that is what they advertise. They have always been very punctual and get jobs done on time. They offer free estimates and I have never heard of one being off by more than a few dollars and their prices are quite reasonable. I actually am thinking of possibly using them the next time they have a good deal going on some other rental properties that I acquire a rental property. From everything I have seen and heard they are a very good professional company. They have offices in both North Wilmington and Claymont Delaware. Pro Touch Painting can be reached at 302-792-9795 and 302-478-9362.

I have provided websites to the three companies that I profiled below.

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