Finger Painting – How to Create Finger Painting Paints

finger painting

The joy of Finger Painting

Being artistic does not require you to be very talented. They say that it is a gift to become an artist; however there are trick and trades you can do to be artistic in your caliber. Like for instance, when we were kids, we love to do finger painting. The reason behind this is that kids love to be messy. They also want to create a lot of things from nothing and of course they love colors. You can create your own finger paint at home by following these easy steps that you can read in this article. It is easy to make and in no time you will be able to use them to do finger painting with kids and kids at heart. Here are the materials and steps you need to know to make your own finger paint:

1. You will need to have cornstarch, sugar, water, food coloring or tempera paints. If you want the paint to be easily removed, you can add soap onto your ingredients. The disadvantage of this though is that it is not advisable for kids to use since soap is non-edible and may be harmful to kid’s health.

2. Mix the ¼ cup of sugar with ½ cup cornstarch in a saucepan.

3. Add the water into the sugar and cornstarch mix. Do this process slowly to make sure that it blends well with the dry ingredients.

4. Cook the mixture until you come up with a gel like substance or consistency. Keep on stirring the mixture slowly and turn the heat up to medium. Do this for about 5 minutes and consistently stir while waiting for the ingredients to form into gel-like substance.

5. Once you have achieved the right consistency, set the finished product to cool then add the food coloring. You need to purchase a lot of different kinds of color for your food coloring so you will have a lot of options to choose from once you use this for finger painting.

6. After adding the food coloring, stir the mixture well to blend the colors properly.

7. Set everything to cool and they are now ready for use.

8. You can ask help from the children in your household to make the paints for you. Then afterwards, you use your imagination and create a lot of finger painting designs for you and your friends and families. Have fun and create a scenario so you can enjoy the finger painting jobs you have done to yourself and to others as well.

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