Magical Paint

magical paint

Paint is fun and wonderful for children. Make paint even more fantasticwith some magically fun paint ideas!

Supplies For Magical Paint:

Washable paint available from craft stores in red, yellow, blue, white and gold glitter.

Magical Paint Mixing
Buy primary colors of paint in red, yellow and blue. Also buy white paint. Allow children to mix colors to create new colors. To an adult, this doesn’t seem like magic, yet to a young child, it is very magical! Teach children what colors to mix to create new colors.

Red and yellow to create orange.
Blue and red to create purple.
Yellow and blue to create green.
Red and white to create pink.

Create Special Scented Paint
Help children create scented magical paint. Purchase hair gel in several different scents. Add a small amount of hair gel to each color to create a unique and magical scent to each color of paint. Allow children to use their imagination by naming each scented color of paint.

Make Glowing & Shimmering Paint
Mix the gold glitter paint with the other colors to make every color sparkle just like magic! Another option is to add regular glitter or micro-fine glitter.

Make Magical Blown Art
Place paint on paper and use a straw to blow the paint in different directions creating magical paint designs.

Mess Free Glitter Finger Paint
Put gold glitter paint in clear Ziploc bags. Children will have fun feeling the gel and using their fingers to make designs with the paint. For extra magic, add a small amount of confetti to the mix. Leave room in the bag for children to play with the magical paint by not overfilling the bags. Another option is to put hair gel in a Ziploc bag with glitter. In the picture I have used light blue hair gel and micro-fine glitter. I used my finger to draw a line in the shimmering finger paint.

Enjoy and have a magical time!

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