Dragging Technique of Painting: Projects for Beginners

Beginners Painting Technique

This Article will Discuss s Beginners Painting Technique Called Dragging

A thrifty alternative to pricey wall treatments and professional paint jobs, the dragging of painting is used in order to create a textured appearance similar to that of fine cloths and fabrics such as silk. While the process can be somewhat time consuming and requires patience and moderate painting skills, when this technique is properly applied the results are extremely impressive.

If you have considered updating and improving the appearance of your home by applying wall treatments, or if you simply enjoy experimenting with new and exciting painting techniques, check out these ideas that are great choices for individuals that are new to the dragging technique of painting:


Small end tables, especially those of a somewhat rustic and antique style or quality, are an excellent choice for a first timer attempting the art of the dragging technique of painting. The finished product of a successfully painted table is generally enough for the painter to make decisions about using the dragging technique of painting for future home improvement and painting projects.


One or both surfaces of nearly any type of door can be successfully transformed using the dragging technique of painting. This project is especially attractive when applied to the front service of the front or main door to the home.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture such as chairs, chair arms, and couch arms are often greatly improved by applying the dragging technique of painting. Surfaces of nearly any size can successfully be painted by using this technique, such as large areas of exposed wood on couches.


Medium to small bookshelves of nearly any shape or style are the perfect project for individuals using the dragging technique of painting for the very first time. Painting only the sides or exposed surfaces rather than the entire bookshelf also typically produces nice results.

Outdoor Furniture

Surprising to even experienced painters, the dragging techniques of painting can be used on outdoor furniture such as porch swings, patio chairs, and tables. Great for a beginner, the only difference in using the dragging technique of painting for outdoor furniture is that weather-resistant paints must be used.

Miscellaneous Household Items

Common household items such as wooden garbage or storage bins, lamp stands, and coat racks can easily be painted by using the dragging technique of painting. Small household items with few large surfaces are great for beginners because these types of projects are often quickly and easily performed.


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